You do not need anymore to register in order to take advantage of our LIFETIME WARRANTY, as described in the "warranty instructions" included in the packaging of your new product. We are happy to assist all our customers by repairing for free the product at anytime and, if you have purchased it directly from us or an authorized dealer within 90 days, we will also cover the shipping costs for the repair and possibly replace your product if necessary.

Be advised though that your first "port of call" HAS to be the dealer where you purchased from, so in case of an issue with your product contact them first. Also remember that if you are located, for example, in USA and you purchased the product in Europe your assigned service center will be in Europe, not in USA, so we highly recommend to buy in your own country when possible or directly from us.

We ship worldwide.

Freel free to contact us for further inquiries.

Warranty Information Instructions (PDF)
(included in your product's package)
(please visit our Terms & Conditions page for further details)

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