As much as we love the tradition and sound of the classic Accutronics 4AB3C1B pan, we have to admit that the decay of this pan is currently longer than the decay of the original pans used by Fender® in the early 60s. The same model pan produced in the 1960s had a shorter decay, which produced a splashier sound and reduced the reverb tail.

We are always searching for "that" sound at Surfy Industries, and we realised we had to do something about this.

So, we spoke to Accutronics® directly and proposed to them that they make for us an upgraded 4AB3C1B spring pan with increased quality materials for a fuller sound, a more reliable product, and a custom decay level to get a bit closer to the sound of the vintage pans. We think we have found a great balance with our new product, The SurfyPan!

Please note: this is the standard SurfyPan.
The EXTRA model (extra short decay) cannot be purchased as a standalone item, but only together with the SurfyBear Classic V3.

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