One of the coolest guitar effects you can get! It took us a couple of years to find the perfect sound balance and the best way to reproduce the unique sound of the Magnatone® vibrato (mono). Now you can have it: we present the SurfyVibe.

Although you can find tons of videos of the Magnatone® sound online, we will soon be posting demos and sound samples here at our web site. And if you are close to one of our dealers, we really invite you to go to the store and try it in person with your own guitar. You will love this one!

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We knew already that the "classic" was not destined to remain the only model in the SurfyBear family. We are always listening to suggestions and ideas from our customers, and not necessarily from just those who are involved in traditional surf music. We are also quite aware that we have customers who play a more modern style of surf, or completely different kinds of music, from indie to atmospheric to blues, and desire a reverb pedal to better fit in with their setup.

Our new "metal" SurfyBear, will feature a full heavy duty aluminium chassis, true bypass functionality balanced by a volume/clean boost and the possibility of connecting an external on/off footswitch. It will still have the same great reverb sound, no changes in that, with the well-known Accutronics® reverb pan onboard. The bottom will not have the acrylic panel showcasing the springs, but rather removable rubber feet, as many of you love to integrate the effect in pedalboards using velcro, for example. This model of SurfyBear will not come with the padded bag included, this accessory will remain optional and can be ordered from us with purchase or at any time.

We hope to provide further details in the coming weeks and start shipping the unit during summertime.


It has been almost one year since the launch of the SurfyTrem and the feedback we have received really has inspired us to go on! Thanks for all the good things said about the SurfyTrem, confirming that when we were developing it, we knew we were going in the right direction.

The comparison test with real Brownface and Blackface amplifiers has always been our focus, in order to deliver a product sounding as close as possible to the original effects.

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As our #1 endorser Surfer Joe did already demo the SurfyBear pedal before even being released. Like many of you, he has been using our reverb unit for quite some time now, testing it on the road and in different stage situations and various amplifiers.

The upcoming album, to be released on June 15th, is titled "Swell of Dwell" and it has been recorded on a 2x15" Fender® Showman® 6G14-A using only Surfy Industries effects for reverb and tremolo.

Furthermore Surfer Joe brought the SurfyBear to Japan for the second time (March 2018) demonstrating to a lot of people the quality of the padded bag (being smashed in any possible way!) and how our reverb effect can enhance the sound of virtually any amplifier, always delivering a good "surfy and drippy" tone.

In the following video the band is performing a medley of the American 60s band The Astronauts (featuring a very peculiar and unique drippy surf sound) and Surfer Joe is playing surf guitar with a Jazzmaster plugged in a Roland® Jazz Chorus JC-120, a solid state amplifier that usually encounters different opinions, someone considering it too cold and sterile compared to tube amplifiers. Apparently the "mix" control of the SurfyBear does its job very well: keeping it at higher levels makes the reverb unit works like a pre-amp, consistently warming up the sound.

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