The SurfyDrip is a remote reverb mixer controller and foot switch that works in conjunction with your SurfyBear Classic 2.0, Fender 6G15 and similar reverb units or any Fender style combo "-Reverb" amps. The switch works the same in both cases, but how you connect it depends on the application.

Connect a standard mono 1/4" jack cable between the SurfyDrip and the footswitch jack input of the reverb unit. In the Fender 6G15 the footswitch jack is located at the back of the chassis, between the tubes.

This connection style requires additional adapters (not included):
  • RCA male to twin RCA female splitter
  • 1/4" jack female to RCA male adapter

  • Locate the send/return cables connecting the reverb pan to the amp. On most amps, these will be at the back or at the bottom of the chassis. Disconnect the Reverb Output (or Reverb Return) RCA jack on the amp and plug in here your RCA male to twin RCA female splitter. Connect the cable coming from the reverb pan to one end of the RCA splitter and the SurfyDrip to the other end, using eventually your RCA to 1/4" jack adapter and a standard 1/4" jack cable.

    Set the mixer control on the reverb unit (or the reverb control on the amp) to the maximum desired setting. Use the SurfyDrip to set a reduced level that you can toggle on/off with the footswitch control. Please note that the LED will only work if a cable is plugged in to increase battery life. The 9V battery is accessible by removing the rear panel.

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